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Actor Artivist and Spoken Word Poet Jaquair Gillette

Actor Artivist and Spoken Word Poet Jaquair Gillette

April 13, 2021

Born and raised on a piece of the land of the Munsee Lenape peoples, the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and station stop on the Underground Railroad better known as Paterson NJ. Jaquair Gillette is an actor, spoken word poet, and artivist. Living a life and career in the arts & entertainment industry and social justice area. Gillette continues to work on social justice issues as one of the co-founders & committee members of the Greenacre Community Gardens/urban farm in his hometown of Paterson. Gillette is a three-time featured poet at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café. Jaquair has performed in poetry cafes and houses across the US from New York City to Los Angeles. Jaquair continues to work in film, television, and theater in projects like Blackissuesissues Blextravaganza at the Public Theater Joe's Pub. Gillette can be seen in projects like Godfather of Harlem, New Amsterdam, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Orange is the New Black, Tommy, and the film 3rd & 4th Chapters in which he co-produced and co-starred through his co-venture The R.E.B.E.L. Experience. The film was recently an official selection at the New York Lift Off Film Fest, Miami Independent Film Festival, Toronto Film magazine Fest, and is currently an award winner at the Cyrus International Film Festival in Toronto. —      “Live forever and die free” — Jaquair Gillette


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National Poetry Month 2021 with Special Guest Poets

National Poetry Month 2021 with Special Guest Poets

April 6, 2021

Welcome to Season 3 of She’s All Over the Place Podcast!  I uphold the title, blabbing about poetry, self-care, listening to my body, anxiety, and detoxing. 

We will be going all over the place in this episode starting off with poetry and focusing on National Poetry Month with special guest poets!  I go through the process and psychological development of my artist journey and the making of A Lover's Fairytale Poetry book.  I am a published author! Yay!

Guest Poets include: Lena Beletckaia - Aaron Ableman - Jaquair Gillette - Elia DaRos - Zach Damon - Michelle Cox - Nicky Scorpio - Linda Peng - Izolda T

Juan Gabriel Gutiérrez -


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A Lover’s Fairytale Spoken Word Music Video Playlist


Thrive global on World Poetry Day 2021


Artist Robert Sturman


Women-Owned Businesses in Africa During the Global Pandemic with Mana Boxes - Michelle Klassen Merrigan


Creative Writing with Izolda T


Tim Ferriss podcast link


Naval podcast: Happiness


Jaiya John poetry podcast


Scorpio Rising podcast


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Anu Alchemy’s Mission

Anu Alchemy is dedicated to awakening aspects of the consciousness that are dormant in our subconsciousness.  This awakening occurs to those who are ready and desire to receive it. The alchemist and healer at Anu Alchemy bring forth a unique vibrational healing structure for today’s conscious world.  Our motto is ancient magic for modern times.

We create quantum medicines that communicate to your body and soul on a multicellular level to heal itself.  By utilizing ancient teachings and healing modalities, we aid in the removal of pain and limitation on a cellular and DNA level.  This allows your energy to shift and open new doors of possibilities to flow in. Anu Alchemy is committed and dedicated to bring the gift of healing and awakening to those who seek it.


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Microbiome Circadian Home Stoicism & Evolving Wisdom with Anna Chonacas

Microbiome Circadian Home Stoicism & Evolving Wisdom with Anna Chonacas

February 2, 2021

Anna Chonacas is a wellbeing and resilience consultant located in Beverly Hills, CA. Anna focuses on optimizing wellbeing through analyzing a person's internal and external environment to mitigate pathways for aligning more closely with the circadian rhythm.   She offers simple and affordable solutions for small shifts within the home to offset the effects of artificial lighting along with the subtle current of non-native electromagnetic fields, especially during sleeping hours.  Anna is very conscious of time management and has a very specific schedule to maximize the benefits of natural sunlight at certain points of the day that minimize the amount of effort you need to put in if you get that right!  Anna creates personalized schedules of simple movements, breathing techniques, food recommendations, and supplements to follow each day along with brief explanations of “why” this is relevant to motivate you along the way.  Anna firmly believes the more realistic you can accomplish the suggestions made, the sooner you will feel the results and that has a trajectory unto itself.  Anna has the ability to cut right through anything and articulate complex and stressful matters that leave you feeling liberated, capable, and even powerful…even in your most desperate state.  Anna uses really fun techniques from primal screams to using a steel mace like it's a baton.

A beautiful conversation between two sisters sharing their experiences and collective bonds.

From panic disorders to friends in communities, the blueprint of goals, being successful in life, and in Anna’s career working in the field of Public Relations in NYC. Fulfilling what her mind thought was her ultimate destiny. Reaching the peak and then realizing “I’m here” ok what’s next which started the second phase of her life path of health and wellness.

We dive deep and discuss:

  • Friendships & Community
  • Growing up, moving to LA & NYC
  • The Importance of Diversity & Culture
  • Integrity & Value in the Work Place
  • Merging Lifestyle & Career
  • Skin Issues & Health Concerns
  • Viome & Gut Health
  • Microbiome & the Power to Heal Self
  • EMF’s & Circadian Rhythm
  • Being Authentic & Stoic Approaches
  • Truth & Mind-growth

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Michigan Female Business Owner Supports 1800 Women Owned Businesses in Africa During the Global Pandemic with Mana Boxes - Michelle Klassen Merrigan

Michigan Female Business Owner Supports 1800 Women Owned Businesses in Africa During the Global Pandemic with Mana Boxes - Michelle Klassen Merrigan

January 26, 2021

Michelle Klassen (“MK”) Merrigan began her career in humanitarian aid, working frequently in the developing world. For the past decade, MK led the development of advanced energy solutions that meet the mission of US military, security, and peacekeeping forces operating beyond secure supply lines. Opening up new markets with creative capital, this work quickly led to border security in support of national security interests; economic development efforts through small business models at the last kilometer; and in developing regions and markets.

Beholden to the idea that if Detroit could put a car in every driveway, we could also provide power as an economic enabler, in every region of the world. MK led a diverse team from a small prototype shop in Ferndale, Michigan. This team is responsible for some of the energy industry’s most incredible firsts, including the first off-grid solar microgrid of its size providing 24/7 power to a Haitian village, in Les Anglais, Haiti, as well as the first off-grid environmental monitoring system for use by a major American power utility, in the California desert.

Growing up in the military and often the minority and ‘new kid’ in multiple cities and schools across our nation, MK learned how to quickly find areas of commonality and connection - a habit that has enabled trust for her influence in rooms that will define our way of living for generations.

Since 2016, MK has led a small advisory firm called Mana Kalani Advisors in an effort to scale industries and emerging market efforts on behalf of, and in service to, end-users, operators, national security interests, aid agencies, communities, and island nations.
In 2020, MK founded Mana Boxes, a curated subscription box program for handcrafted fashion and decor that supports women artists and entrepreneurs in South Africa. Mana Boxes provides livelihood and empowerment to over 1800 women, and their communities, through its subscription model.

In addition to being a strategic advisor on important resource issues facing our generation, MK serves as Chairwoman of the Board for Mana Pacific, a benefit corporation organizing leaders across 22 Pacific island nations to develop, finance, and build energy projects in support of 100% renewable energy in the region by 2025. MK also advises the Board of Directors for Michigan Women in Defense, as well as SlipStream, Inc., and serves on the Leadership Council of the nation’s largest small business administration, SBAM.

In addition, we deep dive into the heart and soul of what Mana means and how you can take actionable steps for health and peace.  For any person wanting to learn more about women's empowerment, this episode is certainly for you. 

Learn more and get connected at

Michigan Business Network Podcast

Watch and learn more with Nelson Mandela's former chief of staff and CEO of Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sello Hatang with Michelle and her parent Anni


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Blissful Living 4 U - Detoxification and Cleansing Energy with Rochel Marie Lawson

Blissful Living 4 U - Detoxification and Cleansing Energy with Rochel Marie Lawson

January 19, 2021

Known as the Queen of Feeling Fabulous, Rochel Marie Lawson is a successful business owner, registered nurse, Ayurvedic health practitioner, Holistic Health and Wellness consultant, international best selling author, speaker, and radio show hostess. She is the president of Blissful Living 4 U, which was founded to bring holistic wellness, wisdom, and wealth into the lives of individuals seeking a natural path to abundance, health, happiness, peace, prosperity, joy, success, and wealth.

Rochel Marie’s energy, guidance, and enthusiasm have helped thousands of people improve their wellness, wisdom (aka mindset), and wealth by utilizing ancient, holistic, and natural principles so that they can step into living the life of their dreams. She has been named one of the Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses in Silicon Valley and is the author of four Best Selling books including “Intro To Holistic Health, Ayurveda Style.”

She has her own weekly podcast, Blissful Living, which is hosted on her very own podcast network. She has been a guest writer for several blog publications as well as a featured published blogger on The Wellness Universe as a proud Wellness Universe VIP World Changer. She has been quoted in the Huffington Post, as well as several other media publication outlets.

Rochel Marie has spent over 25 years assisting people to achieve, elevate and sustain wellness and wealth through wisdom, to enhance the power of their mind, to transform their lives so that they can live the life of their dreams with more abundance, clarity, energy, happiness, joy, peace, vitality, creativity, wisdom, prosperity, success and wealth.

Here are some of the powerful topics we talk about in this very in-depth insightful episode!

  • 3 detox processes
  • Cleanses
  • Belly bloating
  • Liver and Kidney Cleanse
  • Ayurveda - 7 tissues - Dosha Types - Shirodhara
  • Empowering Oneself and the In-Between
  • Tips on When One is Feeling Alone 
  • Acknowledging “bad days” and how to deal and take the “sting” out of it
  • The Comparison Game
  • Acknowledging Our “stuff”
  • Acknowledging Our Emotions
  • Hiding and the Courage not to “hide”
  • Acknowledging the “loud” voices inside your head
  • Emotional Communication
  • Numb to our emotions
  • Fight and flight “mode”
  • AA and drug addicts - who do know understand and know
  • Culture and Society
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • How to Cleanse Your Energy

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Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist with Pixel Queen Monica Louie

Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist with Pixel Queen Monica Louie

January 12, 2021

Monica Louie is a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist who helps ambitious online entrepreneurs increase their impact with high-converting ads. You may have heard her on the Smart Passive Income Podcast, the Boss Mom Podcast, the Art of Online Business Podcast, or her own podcast called Flourish to 7 Figures. Along with her premium agency, Team Flourish, Louie manages ads for 6- and 7-figure online business owners has managed more than $2.5 million in ad spend, and has taught over 1,000 students to successfully run their own ads through her online training program, Flourish with Facebook Ads.  

This is an inspiring and in-depth episode,  we cover how online entrepreneurs can win with a high-converting Facebook & Instagram ads strategy. How Facebook and Instagram ads fit into your overall marketing plan. The top 3 reasons some ads succeed (and 3 big reasons why they don't!) 

We deep dive into:

  • Pixel Queen
  • How to install a pixel
  • Organization
  • Converting ads
  • Budget
  • Lead Magnets
  • Warm Audiences
  • Testing Facebook ADs
  • Boosting Posts
  • Pat Flynn Ad
  • Online Courses • Digital Business
  • Strategy
  • Digital Projects
  • Online Bloggers
  • Case Studies
  • Amy Porterfield
  • FB Blogs • Driving More Traffic
  • Sale Funnels
  • Course Platforms
  • Custom Conversions
  • Affiliates
  • Sponsors
  • Case studies
  • Media Kits
  • Investing in Facebook Ads

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Turn of the Century 2021 Feeling Lonely and Facing Fear of Intimacy

Turn of the Century 2021 Feeling Lonely and Facing Fear of Intimacy

January 5, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!  Happy Turn of the Century!  In this episode, we cover topics and signs of Loneliness, Fear of Intimacy,  how to deal with and face them with grace.  In the end, I play one of my favorite songs Angels and Rainbows.  

#RIP Today is a pretty emotional day for a lot of people today, another innocent human being lost #rip #GEORGEFLOYD I didn't get the moment to meet you in person because of actions from two egotistical humans that I cannot even call MEN! It is NOT ok for us to take our split wounded egos, hatred, shame & blame onto others.  There is a lot for all of us to learn, our higher selves would never do such a thing, this is all ego and misdirected lower emotions from fear.  Fear does not WIN, only LOVE does.  Today I am releasing Angels and Rainbows lyrical vid and it's for this exact reason. We need more Angels and Rainbows, more colorful peace, more kindness, and love.  Truly, it starts with thoughts, we have 60-70 thousand thoughts per day, 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts.  It takes mindful detail work to catch ourselves, be aware of our thoughts, write them down, take note of the same thoughts happening over and over.  This is the first step, we must shift our negative thought patterns to truly practice mantras of repetition for kinder thoughts such as " I am light"  it might sound silly but I'd rather repeat that into my head over and over as opposed to the other dark mean spirited thoughts.   Also, I know just like an addiction, people enjoy the tormenting thoughts and think it's righteous to do so but this means we are not grounded in reality and truth.  We are in ego, a delusion from the higher self, our true selves.   The video says it all.  I hope you receive the message, celebrate George as he is an angel, celebrate and honour one another, not just for a moment but for each moment.   We are here, this is such a gift to even be alive on this planet we call Earth.   Humans support humans, artists support artists, we have only each other, we all have our own limitations and we can break free from them together as a Nation, as a whole.  #godspeed  


Angels and Rainbows Music Video

7 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Still Feeling Lonely

7 Surprising Signs You Suffer Fear of Intimacy


Human Design and Growth with Expert Sonia Petecka

Human Design and Growth with Expert Sonia Petecka

December 29, 2020

Sonia's mission is to help people connect to who they authentically are and start creating a life that feels abundant and fulfilling. According to Petecka's Human Design, her energy needs to move outward and provoke talent, leadership, purpose, and spirit in others. Sonia's passion is working with people one on one and customizing the tools she uses for each person's unique needs.

Petecka was born and grew up in Poland and moved to the US when she was 16.  Early childhood trauma made her sensitive to the suffering of others and made her want to help people and make the world a better place.

Initially, trying to please her family, Sonia decided to become a medical doctor and studied at Tufts University, she was premed and studied Biochemistry and French Literature and spent a wonderful yet challenging year abroad in Paris. Working doing immunology research after college Sonia realized medicine and research were not her passions. Listening to her intuition and what felt exciting, she decided to move to New York City. Tired of barely making ends meet on a researcher's salary, she decided to go to business schoolSonia went to NYU Stern and graduated with an MBA focusing on strategy, global business, and finance.

During Petecka's time in business school, she was very stressed out, insecure, and struggling with her personal relationships, Sonia discovered and started practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Throughout the years Sonia has been building her approach through participating in coaching programs, attending personal growth seminars, conferences, and reading many books on success and healing, she also worked with different coaches like Byron Katie, Gabby Bernstein, Tara Marino, Lacy Philips, and Mama Gena. Petecka became a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher in 2016 and has been teaching since.

While working in her corporate tech sales job after business school, Sonia decided to help others grow, heal, and live the lives they dreamed of through my coaching practice. 

Sonia discovered Human Design a few years ago through Lacy Philips and Jenna Zoe. Sonia was born the same year as Human Design - in 1987.

Sonia is a Manifesting Generator, which is one of the 5 energy types in Human Design.  HD has helped Sonia to understand why she is the way she is and accept herself more fully.  HD has also helped her to release conditioning (what the world has told her that she needed to be in order to be successful and loved) and allow herself to be as she authentically is. Sonia has discovered a new level of worthiness, self-love, and abundance. Sonia became a Jenna Zoe certified Human Design reader in 2019 and she incorporates this amazing framework in her coaching to empower people to step into their gifts and talents.

You are going to gain so much wisdom and insight from this episode. We dive deep on so many topics, some of which include:

  • Five Types of Human Design
  • Personal Growth and Spiritual Work
  • Energy Centers
  • Mental Health
  • Diet and Lifestyle
  • Exploring the Power of Emotions
  • Solar and Lunar Beings 
  • The New World • the New Ways
  • Being Comfortable with Self
  • Processing and Learning as a Collective

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Nootropics Mental Health with the Co-Founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N. Geoffrey Woo

Nootropics Mental Health with the Co-Founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N. Geoffrey Woo

December 22, 2020

Geoffrey Woo is co-founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N. — Health Via Modern Nutrition.  Woo's partner at H.V.M.N is Michael Brandt 

H.V.M.N. was founded in 2014 to reclaim the definition of “modern nutrition.” H.V.M.N. offers nutrition products that span the spectrum of directly or indirectly inducing ketosis.

The physiological state of ketosis is a natural metabolic state that is now rarely accessed in the modernized, hyper-processed nutrition environment. While civilization "forgot" about ketosis, a growing body of scientific data shows that ketosis offers a metabolic advantage for chronic diseases and enhancing the performance of elite athletes and operators. 

Geoffrey hosts the H.V.M.N. Podcast, a Top 50 Nutrition Podcast (as ranked by Apple) with over 50K+ subscribers and 4MM+ downloads across Apple, Youtube, Google, and Spotify.

Woo earned a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Geoffrey's interests are:

- human performance, metabolism, and longevity 

- e-commerce enablement & marketing technologies

- supporting great entrepreneurs and investing in great start-up businesses. These companies have subsequently raised over $100M+ in follow-on capital from top investors like Founder's Fund, Greylock, General Atlantic, Lux Capital, Coatue, Addition Capital, etc.

In this episode, we dive deep into biology and nutrition for mental health and overall health for ones well being.

We breakdown nootropics- what they are- how they serve ones mental and overall health.  Here are some other important topics we cover:

  • Overconsumption of refined carbohydrates
  • Healthy fats and ketones
  • How to get to a ketotic state - whst is this state?
  • Inflammation • non stop sugar • Leading causes of diseases of today
  • Geoffrey breaks down what keto is
  • We break down mct oil, what to look for with pure ingredients 
  • Iron Man champs
  • Studies on alzheimers
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes of the brain
  • Glucose
  • Sleep anxiety * chronic sleep issues
  • Deficiency with minerals
  • Cognitive function - Fish oil -DHA -
  • Antioxidants
  • Caffeine * L- Theanine
  • Population society levels, Nootropics Sprint over Adderall

PUB MED read papers on medicine studies & how to reach out to the professors!

Lastly we deep dive into philosophy, some of Geoffrey’s favorite books and how we can apply them to our everyday living in a smart healthy way. Be sure to listen to the full episode, it takes a lot of twists and turns and only gets better till the very end! 


Books: The Immortality Key

Zen Koan Buddist  - poetic nuggets


Learn more about Geoffrey by clicking the links below

Private investments

H.V.M.N. Podcast

Essays and newsletter




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The State of Podcasting with Rob Greenlee VP of Content & Partnerships at Libsyn

The State of Podcasting with Rob Greenlee VP of Content & Partnerships at Libsyn

December 15, 2020

Rob Greenlee is a rockstar and the VP of Content and Partnerships, Libsyn (LSYN), current Chairperson of The Podcast Academy, and was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame in 2017.  Formerly served as VP, Podcaster Relations at Voxnext’s Spreaker. Greenlee started on radio in 1999 and then podcasting in 2004 with the first nationally syndicated radio show  "WebTalk World Radio Show" to begin podcasting.  Rob also worked as Voxnest’s Head of Partnerships and Spreaker's Head of Content. Greenlee’s other prior positions have included as EVP/CTO at, Business/Content Manager of Podcasts at Microsoft Zune and Xbox Live Marketplace. Rob currently co-hosts the "New Media Show", a weekly audio and video podcast that streams LIVE on, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch every Saturday morning at 9 am PST/Noon EST, and Wednesday afternoon at Noon PST/3 pm EST.

In this insightful episode, we cover the most important things one needs to know about podcasting and starting your own podcast.  We dive deep into VO artists voicing audiobooks and scripted series.  We chat about owning your own IP address, tech stuff, celebrities in the podcasting space, being authentic, how to treat others, and what "sales" means to Rob now with the two decades of experiences he has had thus far. 

- We chat about podcasting pre-Covid and what is happening in the podcasting space during the pandemic and what to expect in the near future.

- What is next after we come out of this national and global change revolution that is impacting every aspect of life - the choices we have and not have when looking to the future.

-Get started with your podcast in the right way and have a quality process to start podcasting. 

-Sharing with people, paying it forward, building trust, scaling your business while adding value.

-Niches and the importance of what drives a podcaster to create content

-Marketing and which podcast platform is best for you?

-We get into the brainchild with Rob Greenlee on how to approach and start your own show.

We talk podcast lingo, are you excited to dive in with us on this mind-blowing episode with Rob Greenlee?  I know you must be!!!  I know I am!

Rob Greenlee's social media links






New Media Show


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