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Modern Nutrition and Vibrant Health with Giota Strikoudi

Modern Nutrition and Vibrant Health with Giota Strikoudi

May 19, 2020

Health is Wealth - Rich inspired evolved words from the Grecian Goddess Giota Strikoudi.

In this beautiful episode we focus on the inner body temple, bloating, belly fat, insulin resistance, superfoods, boosting our immune system, intermitting fasting, the effects of gluten, hormone receptors, managing stress, essential oils and the effects they have on the brain.

Giota Strikoudi is a holistic nutritionist. Giota is originally from Greece, the mecca of the Mediterranean diet, where she studied Nutrition and Dietetics, and she holds an MSc from the University of Milan. After working in Greece in one of the most successful Dietetic Preventive Medicine clinics there, helping people with serious chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic syndrome, get their health back with the use of proper nutrition and a holistic view of health, she went to Italy, Milan and worked as a researcher on Nutrition and Public Health in the University of Milan.

At an early age, Giota suffered from numerous health issues with an eating disorder, gut health issues, and hormonal imbalance being the most profound that marked her health significantly and led her to follow this career. She managed to heal herself using food as medicine and this opened Giota’s eyes to the way she wanted to help others.  Giota decided to continue studying Nutrition and Preventive health. Giota was able to heal her numerous health issues and now works with other people who struggle with metabolic-related problems as well, like fatigue, excessive body fat,  hormone imbalance, diabetes, gut health issues, IBS, allergies, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and more, using food as medicine.

Giota is committed to vibrant health and holistic healing and her mission is to help and guide people to reprogram their path to vibrant health and rewire their natural healing intelligence by using whole food nutrition and bespoken wellness rituals.

Giota develops bio-individualized plans for each of her clients. You can learn more and connect with Giota through her email [email protected] and her Instagram account 

NASA Satellites Creative Writing & Self Published Books with Izolda T

NASA Satellites Creative Writing & Self Published Books with Izolda T

May 12, 2020

Izolda Trakhtenberg takes us on a mind blowing journey! Izolda T helps people unleash their creative genius to do their best work and live their best lives. "Kind to one another and kind to ourselves."-- Izolda T

Izolda is a natural born leader, born in Moldova, Izolda learned how to communicate in multiple languages and learned leadership skills by living in a war zone. Izolda's mother, a professional vocalist, inspired in her a love of singing & music. Izolda traveled the world as a NASA trainer. We chat about the eco system, science & knowing the PH of the water body.

We chat about her musical theatre classmates while growing up living in Detroit.  Andrew Lippa was her leading man all throughout high school and went on to write the music & lyrics for the legendary broadway musical the Adams Family.  Jeffery Cellar, producer of famous broadway musicals HamiltonRent, Ave Q & In the Heights.  


Author of six books, including, Life ElementsWin The Day and Speak From Within, Engage, Inspire, and Motivate Any Audience, and Get Your Stuff Done!  In this podcast episode Izolda takes us step by step on how to write and publish a book.

Oh, Izolda is the host of the Creative Mindset podcast. 

Book to read Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

Resource: Beta readers, resources,, 


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Creator of the Original Toy Story Animation Film Alec Sokolow

Creator of the Original Toy Story Animation Film Alec Sokolow

May 5, 2020

Alec Sokolow is the powerful scriptwriter of the original Toy Story animation film.  Alec shares his story of how he went on to graciously writing big Hollywood family comedies such as Garfield, Evan Almighty, Cheaper by the Dozen to name a few with script writing partner Joel Cohen.  We chat about Sokolow’s biggest inspirations in life, telling stories of value, his love for life, animals, career, being inner children, energy and how to touch love unconditionally.  Sokolow shares with us about moving the needle, paying it forward, being in service and what it means to him.  Exciting news, Alec has some brand new animation films in the works, be on the look out for Magic Arch 3D, Astrid Silverlock, Groove Tails with Jamie Foxx and many more!! We also chat about his talented children Maya Dodge Sokolow  & Eli Sokolow

Check out Eli's band The Living Strange here.

Veterinarians International 

VO by Alessandra Levy

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Mastermind and Voiceovers with Alessandra Levy

Mastermind and Voiceovers with Alessandra Levy

April 28, 2020

Alessandra Levy is a boss lady producer, musician & voiceover actor, we met on a yoga retreat in Nicaragua. On this episode we share the five year anniversary of our special bond in the the divine feminine thus far, masterminding our way through the years coast to coast.   We also dive deep about the importance of having a home studio to be able to self record for voiceover clients. Levy shares working on the performance side & production side of voiceover and working at an ad agency. In addition, Levy gifts insight and explains on how “life is short” and no-one should be apart of something if it does not make them happy.  We go in-depth on education for everyone, the library and apps that are available to for everyone for free.  We even chat about online resources, mediation & yoga!   

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Alessandra Levy website

The Actors Fund

SAG-AFTRA Foundation 

Sky Ting Yoga

Intimate Moments with Musician Natalia Alava

Intimate Moments with Musician Natalia Alava

April 21, 2020

Natalia Alava went to Berklee College of Music and shares her journey thus far as a musician, being vulnerable as an artist, and how important it is to “check in” with herself daily.  We also chat about spiritually, books, and finding the balance between the personal & business. Subscribe today on all streaming platforms! 

Check out Shaman Durek's podcast here 

Let’s talk Stand Up Comedy with Chris Griggs!

Let’s talk Stand Up Comedy with Chris Griggs!

April 14, 2020

Chris Griggs is a stand up comedian & actor who teaches stand up & improv at the PIT (The Peoples Improv Theater) Griggs shares the process of stand up comedy, some of his all time classic favorite comics, we also chat about open mics and finding and developing your voice!

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Chris Griggs Website 

What’s Happening in the World Right Now with Artist Nicky Scorpio

What’s Happening in the World Right Now with Artist Nicky Scorpio

April 9, 2020

Nicky Scorpio shares how we are all coming together, evolving, & being force feed fear.  Also, we chat about psychological mind frames & shifts, being in action esp during these times.  We touch on the topic of anger and how to not go to bed angry.  Health is everything, we share immune system tips, being aware of the elderly and some of our favorite peeps! Check out Shaman Durek's Podcast here 

Shout out to my sister Anna Chonacas

Shaman Durek's book Spirit Hacking

My You Theory family

Oh, fun tip: I created a word carefulIZM :) :)

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⁠CXIV. Healing Energy (Meditation)⁠April 3, 2019⁠Podcasts

Dr. Joe Dispenza




Aric Shuford National Director of Voiceover Program at the SAG AFTRA Foundation

Aric Shuford National Director of Voiceover Program at the SAG AFTRA Foundation

March 31, 2020

Aric Shuford is the National Director for Voiceover Programming at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation

We chat about the VO program at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation 

We also chat about "in a world" by the VO legend Don LaFontaine, the VO business, home studios, solo booth sessions, supporting the artists' journey, poker, music, the legendary DJ Bad Boy Bill, healthy lifestyle, and being an advocate for the environment & planet.

Special shout to ground breaking female VO legend Randy Thomas.  

Check out Aric's music here. 

VO spot by Alessandra Levy  

Music by Nicky Scorpio

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Marisa Peer Leading Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Marisa Peer Leading Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

March 24, 2020

I had an amazing opportunity to sit and chat with one of the world's leading Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Marisa Peer at the MindValley reunion in San Diego, CA. We chat about true happiness, communicating with yourself, anger, emotional peace, acknowledging our own emotions, the human brain, our beliefs and not trying to make others "like" us.  We also chat about one of her techniques RTT, upgrading & reprogramming our minds.  She's so sweet and helpful, check out her website Marisa Peer here.

Check out the video here.

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Nicky Scorpio

Alessandra Levy

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Corona Free with Artist Nicky Scorpio

Corona Free with Artist Nicky Scorpio

March 19, 2020

Bay Boy Artist/Singer-Songwriter/Producer, Nicky Scorpio is loyal, passionate, loves NYC and chats with us this week on dismantling, education, mediation and how and why kindness really matters, esp during these times. Shout out to Sam Harris of the Waking Up App and Big Sean from Detroit

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