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Turn of the Century 2021 Feeling Lonely and Facing Fear of Intimacy

January 5, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!  Happy Turn of the Century!  In this episode, we cover topics and signs of Loneliness, Fear of Intimacy,  how to deal with and face them with grace.  In the end, I play one of my favorite songs Angels and Rainbows.  

#RIP Today is a pretty emotional day for a lot of people today, another innocent human being lost #rip #GEORGEFLOYD I didn't get the moment to meet you in person because of actions from two egotistical humans that I cannot even call MEN! It is NOT ok for us to take our split wounded egos, hatred, shame & blame onto others.  There is a lot for all of us to learn, our higher selves would never do such a thing, this is all ego and misdirected lower emotions from fear.  Fear does not WIN, only LOVE does.  Today I am releasing Angels and Rainbows lyrical vid and it's for this exact reason. We need more Angels and Rainbows, more colorful peace, more kindness, and love.  Truly, it starts with thoughts, we have 60-70 thousand thoughts per day, 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts.  It takes mindful detail work to catch ourselves, be aware of our thoughts, write them down, take note of the same thoughts happening over and over.  This is the first step, we must shift our negative thought patterns to truly practice mantras of repetition for kinder thoughts such as " I am light"  it might sound silly but I'd rather repeat that into my head over and over as opposed to the other dark mean spirited thoughts.   Also, I know just like an addiction, people enjoy the tormenting thoughts and think it's righteous to do so but this means we are not grounded in reality and truth.  We are in ego, a delusion from the higher self, our true selves.   The video says it all.  I hope you receive the message, celebrate George as he is an angel, celebrate and honour one another, not just for a moment but for each moment.   We are here, this is such a gift to even be alive on this planet we call Earth.   Humans support humans, artists support artists, we have only each other, we all have our own limitations and we can break free from them together as a Nation, as a whole.  #godspeed  


Angels and Rainbows Music Video

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