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Stand up Comic CoreyBE Artist from Detroit - Corey Sherrill

June 1, 2021

Comic CoreyBe, a man of two cities, Comic CoreyBE is a Detroit Native and NYC official. Thriving off of the massive scope and never-stop pace of New York City, his unique style and magnetic energy is inspiring. Sharing his incredible life through laughter.

Fellow comedian CoreyBE from Detroit, MI, and I connected during the pandemic on Clubhouse in the club the Laugh Factory with Tiffany Haddish on the stage! We just go off on coney dogs our love of Detroit and the culture of Detroit.  Get ready for some much-needed FUN laughs :)

We dive deep into comedy and building that bit from the truth. 

Studying comedy, Observing comedians, and getting to know the community

Being a leader as a comedian, history of stand up comedy, the respect of the craft

Being homeless as a child, healthy living, having the courage to ask for help, solutions, and programs set up for the kids

Prison how it impacted CoreyBE to be great and share his story through laughter

Breaking generational curses, growing up with diversity and struggles

CoreyBE is bringing up Detroit comedians and shares the stand-up comedy scene in Detroit

Legendary comedian John Witherspoon

Standing up for what’s right, Humanity, Evolution

Step by step what to do if you want to become a stand up comic

NYC comedy scene - shout out to the legendary Red Rooster where CoreyBe gave his first stand up comedy performance

Hollywood will call you! 

HA, ha, Ha, Get ready to laugh, LOL, super excited for you to find out about the silent killers!


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