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Slaying with Jordan Brodie Recording Artist LGBTQIA+ Advocate

August 10, 2021

Jordan Brodie is a Musician, LGBTQIA Activist, and the current reigning MR. OC Pride. His music can be heard on all major streaming platforms. In addition to performing at the Denver, Santa Fe, and OC Pride Festivals he's performed in LA at the Whisky a Go-Go, London Hotel, and Silver Lake Lounge. His newest single "SLAY" will be released in 2021. 

Inspired by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Elton John, Jordan strives to bring his music style to the masses. Growing up going to underground raves set the tone for Jordan to create electronic music. With a background in classical music, don’t be surprised when you witness the piano and vocal performances of his songs. Music that makes you want to dance, be brave, get emotional, and believe in yourself.

Growing up as a gay man in the middle of America, Jordan Brodie faced some difficulties with other boys and different religious organizations. Although he has a great loving and supporting family and father who always encouraged his creativity and differences, it wasn’t the same in school amongst other people. This is a common occurrence for many LGBTQIA youth. In fact, according to studies by the Human Rights Campaign (for which Jordan is a youth ambassador), 40% of homeless youth are in the LGBTQ demographic. If the LGBTQ community consists of only 10% of the population you can see how this is an issue. 

Jordan does live and virtual performances with fun EDM-style pop music or acoustic singer-songwriter-style sets with live piano and speaks out on these issues. He is ready to get out and perform again. He is available for Bars, Nightclubs, Concert Venues, Corporate Events, and Birthday Parties.

With the launch of his #BeYourSelfie Bracelet available on his new website he is excited for people to start believing in themselves no matter who they are. Jordan Brodie is about helping you believe in yourself through Music, Dance, Fun Products, and Public Speeches.

We deep dive into:

  • Jordan’s new song slay, what it really means, and the process of creating it
  • We chat about being an artist and the struggles of making music and what people say even when going to Hollywood
  • LGBTQIA Advocacy, how to start, get involved,  mental health recovery, and being sober
  • How to know and find your voice, thoughts on Kim Petras
  • Toastmasters - Human Rights Campaign - Myths in the LGBTQA+ Community
  • Sex Education for the youth in the school systems
  • Understanding Attachment and how unhealthy it can be and how to attach in a healthy way
  • Learning how to grow through the trauma and not allow projections of the past to affect the now
  • Trusting self more from within and not being able to change others - knowing self
  • Meditation and Breathe Work

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