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Senegal Artist on Social Justice and Spirituality with Ali Senegali S2 EP2

September 15, 2020

Shadow work, have you heard of it?

In this brilliant impactful episode, artist Ali Senegali and I dive deep on shadow work, converse about his roots in Senegal, Africa.  We share world lockdown stories, spiritual leaders, social justice, agriculture, education, and filming in Senegal. Ali is a conscious music artist who shares his story on economics and racial issues in America.  Ali is a big believer in acting from your deepest self and love.  

Albouri Ndiaye was born in Brooklyn, NY. Ali moved to Senegal at the age of 7 to go to a French boarding school. Ali came back every summer to the US and then return to school in Senegal for the academic year.

Attended Michigan State with the goal of becoming an economist. Ali then went to Auburn in Alabama to pursue a PhD in Economics.  During his time he began to feel unsure about his path and Ali was beginning to feel like he wanted to live a more creative life and that perhaps the path he was following was not his own and was instead a reflection of his dad’s dreams. Ali is a budding artist whose medium is both in the areas of music and film.

The song is by Ali Senegali and the title is the Sun'll Rise in Da Mornin

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