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Sales and Superhumans At Work a Mindvalley Podcast with Host Jason Marc Campbell

December 8, 2020

Jason Marc Campbell has had a massive passion for sales since a young age. Campbell's enthusiasm on the topic can be felt through his powerful keynote talks delivered to thousands around the world. His teachings combine the hardcore sales ideas you would expect from a sales training, coupled with all the ideas from personal growth you wouldn't expect. Yet surprisingly, it is the missing piece of the puzzle to become an unstoppable authentic salesperson. He is also the host of the Superhumans at Work Podcast and the author of an upcoming book on Selling with Love.

In this episode, we cover a modern way of publishing, the psychological aspect of writing a book, manifestation step by step on how to write a book with patience and love.  We also go over How to Sell from Love, Productivity in Quarantine, and Personal Growth as a Way of Life

Intuition & feminine energy, putting self out there, the inner critic, the mind chatter.  We even chat a lot about the greatness of Vishen Lakhiani, co-founder & CEO of Mindvalley.

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Jason's new book Selling with Love scheduled to launch in February 2021

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