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Professor Adam Stokes M.Div (Master of Divinity) on the Greek Bible the Septuagint

May 11, 2021

Mr. Adam O. Stokes, M.Div was educated at Princeton Theological Seminary, Yale Divinity School, and has a B.A. from Duke University and currently a teacher at Saint Joseph's University

On a personal level how a 5’2 African man growing up in his 20’s had a prolific spiritual commitment to the Septuagint. We dive deep into a list of topics below and also touch upon books - self-publishing, mental health, his students,  honouring and respecting Jewish people and their culture.

Here is a great list of what we cover in this in-depth episode.

A Bible for Greek-speaking Jews during the time of second temple Judaism

What becomes of Judaism post 586bce when Solomons temples are destroyed by the Babylonians and then a couple of decades later 538 bce the Jewish people are allowed back to their homeland and what emerges from that is the second temple of Judaism.

We go over Adam’s encounter and background with the Septuagint

Where he first learned about the Septuagint

What Adam used the Septuagint for in my own work and teaching

The History and Content of the Septuagint

Its origins and it's content (including the Apocrypha)

Greek-speaking Jews 

The Septuagint in Christian liturgy

Use of the Septuagint in Orthodox Greek liturgy

Remnants of its use in Catholic liturgy

The legend Aristeus in the letter of Aristeus was named after the Greek Aristeus in the wiki article

King James Version of the Bible - Old Testament - New Testament

Greek Mythology - Homer - the Odyssey

To learn more about Adam Stokes you can check out his books

Perspectives on the Old Testament


The Latin Scrolls: Selections from the 5 Megilloth translated from the Latin Vulgate

From Egypt to Ohio: A Semitic origin for the giants of North America


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