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Peter O. Estévez - Entrepreneurship & Host of the Top Rated Coming Clean Podcast

August 17, 2021

Peter O. Estévez was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and migrated to the United States at the age of 10. Peter is an entrepreneur and partner in several companies in the energy, gas, and oil sector in Mexico. Peter is a philanthropist and an advocate for recovery and brain health, as well as the writer and author of his upcoming book, Coming Clean -13 STEPS TO A HEALTHY LIFE. He is the host of the top-rated podcast, “Coming Clean Podcast”.

We deep dive into:

Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Advocacy for recovery & brain health, Becoming whole and complete

Peter’s commitment to identify, educate and empower 100 million people by 12.31.2028.

personal development, breaking generational family patterns, relatable and communication with family and child

Mindvalley - V - six-phase mediation, 5 pillars, and how to maintain

Single consciousness, Micheal Beckwith Agape center

Journaling and being in recovery for over 21 years

Letting go and allowing energy to flow

Oprah's personal life coach, Tim Storey, his new book and partnering up with Peter to support personal development global summit for the Latin community.

Scaling and actionable steps to scale and grow your business, Clubhouse and your top 5, social media and influence

A healthy relationship with self, women, and men in business, we attract who we are and what we are, not what we pretend to be.

Respect yourself, Value self


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