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Nootropics Mental Health with the Co-Founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N. Geoffrey Woo

December 22, 2020

Geoffrey Woo is co-founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N. — Health Via Modern Nutrition.  Woo's partner at H.V.M.N is Michael Brandt 

H.V.M.N. was founded in 2014 to reclaim the definition of “modern nutrition.” H.V.M.N. offers nutrition products that span the spectrum of directly or indirectly inducing ketosis.

The physiological state of ketosis is a natural metabolic state that is now rarely accessed in the modernized, hyper-processed nutrition environment. While civilization "forgot" about ketosis, a growing body of scientific data shows that ketosis offers a metabolic advantage for chronic diseases and enhancing the performance of elite athletes and operators. 

Geoffrey hosts the H.V.M.N. Podcast, a Top 50 Nutrition Podcast (as ranked by Apple) with over 50K+ subscribers and 4MM+ downloads across Apple, Youtube, Google, and Spotify.

Woo earned a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Geoffrey's interests are:

- human performance, metabolism, and longevity 

- e-commerce enablement & marketing technologies

- supporting great entrepreneurs and investing in great start-up businesses. These companies have subsequently raised over $100M+ in follow-on capital from top investors like Founder's Fund, Greylock, General Atlantic, Lux Capital, Coatue, Addition Capital, etc.

In this episode, we dive deep into biology and nutrition for mental health and overall health for ones well being.

We breakdown nootropics- what they are- how they serve ones mental and overall health.  Here are some other important topics we cover:

  • Overconsumption of refined carbohydrates
  • Healthy fats and ketones
  • How to get to a ketotic state - whst is this state?
  • Inflammation • non stop sugar • Leading causes of diseases of today
  • Geoffrey breaks down what keto is
  • We break down mct oil, what to look for with pure ingredients 
  • Iron Man champs
  • Studies on alzheimers
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes of the brain
  • Glucose
  • Sleep anxiety * chronic sleep issues
  • Deficiency with minerals
  • Cognitive function - Fish oil -DHA -
  • Antioxidants
  • Caffeine * L- Theanine
  • Population society levels, Nootropics Sprint over Adderall

PUB MED read papers on medicine studies & how to reach out to the professors!

Lastly we deep dive into philosophy, some of Geoffrey’s favorite books and how we can apply them to our everyday living in a smart healthy way. Be sure to listen to the full episode, it takes a lot of twists and turns and only gets better till the very end! 


Books: The Immortality Key

Zen Koan Buddist  - poetic nuggets


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