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Nicky Scorpio You Can Change Your Stars - Be Weird, Be Different, Be Irregular

July 6, 2021

Nicky Scorpio is a seeker and storyteller with quite a story to tell.

Nicky grew up in a very unique environment. Being raised in an LGBTQ+ home and being taught about acceptance, social justice, and looking for the good in everyone, it was a shock stepping outside and seeing a very different world. On top of seeing drugs, violence, and prejudice, at a young age, Nicky learned about death, losing his father to AIDS, divorce, and what it’s like to feel like an outsider.

It would be in high school where he experienced bullying from the wealthy kids and learned not everyone was accepting of his upbringing that led Nicky to fall into depression. His unique perspective allowed him to see the best in everyone and to utilize his voice and perspective as a storyteller to share and promote healing.  Nicky soon learned all of these events and traumatic experiences would help him see the goodness in people and encourage others to celebrate being unique.

Nicky’s goal with music and art is to remove titles that divide people and to create conversations and art that promotes love, ethics, morals, and values for everyone.

Nicky believes that everyone should have a seat at the table and should have a fair chance to know how powerful they are naturally.

Nicky is also a part of the collective The Sophisticated Psychos which is focused on mental health.


Nicky Scorpio and Kyriaki Chonacas are two intense Scorpios who are both artists and in partnership for almost a decade. Join us as we talk about the process of being artists in the music industry. 

We chat about writing songs, channeling emotions through songs, being depressed, social media, the imposter syndrome, mental health, and what it means to silently suffer.

We deep dive about being authentic, being “caption optimistic”, facing depression, human connection, society being “numb”, taking responsibility as an adult, being in entertainment, and being on drugs. We also chat about being unheard, holding onto anger, feeling all the magic through difficulty, energy, vibrations, and seeking knowledge.

Tune in to this raw in-depth episode with Nicky Scorpio.

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