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NFT Artist ORVZ1 Art and Graffiti Murals on the Blockchain 2018 pre NFT Era

June 22, 2021

Legal Disclaimer: This is by no means any legal or financial advice.  This podcast episode is for sharing one's journey. Entertainment purposes sharing the new space of the new world of possible opportunities.

ORVZ1 was born in Long Beach and has been making art since he could hold a pencil. ORVZ1 attended Cleveland School of the Arts in Ohio and then attended Art Center 2010-2014 with a focus on Illustration Design.

ORVZ1 art delves into the sublime and holographic nature of reality. He is influenced by op art and surrealism and its new emanations into glitch art and trash art genres. ORVZ1 has put his art and murals on the blockchain back in the 2018 pre NFT era. We dive deep into the world of NFTs and the blockchain.

ORVZ1 “always knew he was going to be an artist, his grandparents are artists, his dad took him to the art school to introduce him to one of the best schools, then he got in and got a scholarship, and he felt he had “made it”.


On the podcast we chat about:

the top of the Bull Market in 2018

Orvz1 was part of the very first NFTs’

the process of being a graffiti artist & 5 Pointz

being a visual learner, fine art, creating video games, studying, special effects,

the influence of family ORVZ1 

NFT art, glitch art, surrealism, digital space, animation, retro wave, NFTs’ artist Zen Vibes, RFX1 & Beeple

Hybrid/Mixed Media Art - Crypto and unlockable content &

The Future of art and finance

Education on how to earn income as an artist, the skies the limit when you are an artist

Shout out to J Logan Horne, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan & Jessica Simpson

Gas fees, ETH, Bitcoin, Binance, Cake Tokens, MetaMask, Decentralized Cryptocurrency

3LAU revolutionizing the Music Industry, Nicky Scorpio, Grimes, Lil Yachty, and other musicians releasing NFTs’

Seed phrase, Biclout, Cold Storage, Ledger, Scams, LXM, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Zero fees

Environmentally friend - Matic Network is a blockchain 

the NFT community, smart contracts, UBI Universal Basic Income


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