She’s All Over The Place

National Poetry Month 2021 with Special Guest Poets

April 6, 2021

Welcome to Season 3 of She’s All Over the Place Podcast!  I uphold the title, blabbing about poetry, self-care, listening to my body, anxiety, and detoxing. 

We will be going all over the place in this episode starting off with poetry and focusing on National Poetry Month with special guest poets!  I go through the process and psychological development of my artist journey and the making of A Lover's Fairytale Poetry book.  I am a published author! Yay!

Guest Poets include: Lena Beletckaia - Aaron Ableman - Jaquair Gillette - Elia DaRos - Zach Damon - Michelle Cox - Nicky Scorpio - Linda Peng - Izolda T

Juan Gabriel Gutiérrez -


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A Lover’s Fairytale Spoken Word Music Video Playlist


Thrive global on World Poetry Day 2021


Artist Robert Sturman


Women-Owned Businesses in Africa During the Global Pandemic with Mana Boxes - Michelle Klassen Merrigan


Creative Writing with Izolda T


Tim Ferriss podcast link


Naval podcast: Happiness


Jaiya John poetry podcast


Scorpio Rising podcast


Connecting with Anna Chonacas here


Anu Alchemy’s Mission

Anu Alchemy is dedicated to awakening aspects of the consciousness that are dormant in our subconsciousness.  This awakening occurs to those who are ready and desire to receive it. The alchemist and healer at Anu Alchemy bring forth a unique vibrational healing structure for today’s conscious world.  Our motto is ancient magic for modern times.

We create quantum medicines that communicate to your body and soul on a multicellular level to heal itself.  By utilizing ancient teachings and healing modalities, we aid in the removal of pain and limitation on a cellular and DNA level.  This allows your energy to shift and open new doors of possibilities to flow in. Anu Alchemy is committed and dedicated to bring the gift of healing and awakening to those who seek it.


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