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Modern Nutrition and Vibrant Health with Giota Strikoudi

May 19, 2020

Health is Wealth - Rich inspired evolved words from the Grecian Goddess Giota Strikoudi.

In this beautiful episode we focus on the inner body temple, bloating, belly fat, insulin resistance, superfoods, boosting our immune system, intermitting fasting, the effects of gluten, hormone receptors, managing stress, essential oils and the effects they have on the brain.

Giota Strikoudi is a holistic nutritionist. Giota is originally from Greece, the mecca of the Mediterranean diet, where she studied Nutrition and Dietetics, and she holds an MSc from the University of Milan. After working in Greece in one of the most successful Dietetic Preventive Medicine clinics there, helping people with serious chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic syndrome, get their health back with the use of proper nutrition and a holistic view of health, she went to Italy, Milan and worked as a researcher on Nutrition and Public Health in the University of Milan.

At an early age, Giota suffered from numerous health issues with an eating disorder, gut health issues, and hormonal imbalance being the most profound that marked her health significantly and led her to follow this career. She managed to heal herself using food as medicine and this opened Giota’s eyes to the way she wanted to help others.  Giota decided to continue studying Nutrition and Preventive health. Giota was able to heal her numerous health issues and now works with other people who struggle with metabolic-related problems as well, like fatigue, excessive body fat,  hormone imbalance, diabetes, gut health issues, IBS, allergies, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and more, using food as medicine.

Giota is committed to vibrant health and holistic healing and her mission is to help and guide people to reprogram their path to vibrant health and rewire their natural healing intelligence by using whole food nutrition and bespoken wellness rituals.

Giota develops bio-individualized plans for each of her clients. You can learn more and connect with Giota through her email [email protected] and her Instagram account 

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