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Microbiome Circadian Home Stoicism & Evolving Wisdom with Anna Chonacas

February 2, 2021

Anna Chonacas is a wellbeing and resilience consultant located in Beverly Hills, CA. Anna focuses on optimizing wellbeing through analyzing a person's internal and external environment to mitigate pathways for aligning more closely with the circadian rhythm.   She offers simple and affordable solutions for small shifts within the home to offset the effects of artificial lighting along with the subtle current of non-native electromagnetic fields, especially during sleeping hours.  Anna is very conscious of time management and has a very specific schedule to maximize the benefits of natural sunlight at certain points of the day that minimize the amount of effort you need to put in if you get that right!  Anna creates personalized schedules of simple movements, breathing techniques, food recommendations, and supplements to follow each day along with brief explanations of “why” this is relevant to motivate you along the way.  Anna firmly believes the more realistic you can accomplish the suggestions made, the sooner you will feel the results and that has a trajectory unto itself.  Anna has the ability to cut right through anything and articulate complex and stressful matters that leave you feeling liberated, capable, and even powerful…even in your most desperate state.  Anna uses really fun techniques from primal screams to using a steel mace like it's a baton.

A beautiful conversation between two sisters sharing their experiences and collective bonds.

From panic disorders to friends in communities, the blueprint of goals, being successful in life, and in Anna’s career working in the field of Public Relations in NYC. Fulfilling what her mind thought was her ultimate destiny. Reaching the peak and then realizing “I’m here” ok what’s next which started the second phase of her life path of health and wellness.

We dive deep and discuss:

  • Friendships & Community
  • Growing up, moving to LA & NYC
  • The Importance of Diversity & Culture
  • Integrity & Value in the Work Place
  • Merging Lifestyle & Career
  • Skin Issues & Health Concerns
  • Viome & Gut Health
  • Microbiome & the Power to Heal Self
  • EMF’s & Circadian Rhythm
  • Being Authentic & Stoic Approaches
  • Truth & Mind-growth

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