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Carcerem the Fantasy Podcast Series with Creator and Mastermind Shane Salk

June 15, 2021

Shane Salk is an award-winning audio producer. Shane co-created and produced the first audio drama of its kind to be distributed by Internet podcasting: a weekly adventure series performed with a full cast, sound effects, and music. "We’re Alive: A Story of Survival" launched in May 2009, to date it has over 200 million downloads. Salk is recognized and quoted in "The Radio Drama Handbook" (2011), a textbook and report of an academic research study.

Salk’s audio drama adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was released simultaneously in English and Spanish, by Blackstone Audio on CD and by download. Produced and sound designed by Salk, it stars Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulson (Emmy Award-winning voice actors), Neil Flynn, Robbie Rist, Ruben Garfias, and Alex Fernandez, just to name a few. It received the Parents’ Choice Award for Story Telling in 2012.

Salk’s other credits as a producer, director, and sound designer of audio productions range from a sitcom series on LA Talk Radio to a fantasy/action pilot starring Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest), to original short stories and pilot episodes for children’s shows, serial action/adventure, mystery and comedy shows. In the video realm, Salk has produced short films and a web video series that has appeared in several festivals around the country.  He is sought after by producers of both audio and video projects because of his willingness to provide voluntary consultation. Initially trained as an actor (Chapman University, BFA), Salk has appeared in several dozen stages, screen and voiceover/audio roles. Shane also originated the role of Genie in the Disney Cruise Line’s production of Aladdin.

We really dive deep into:

  • Culture shock- theatre college life
  • The affirmation of a “yes I can” attitude
  • the benefits of planting good seeds in relationships and how that became a foundation for his principles in his life.
  • Being in service to be a community player to add value to others  -- Family values & Work Ethic
  • The prepared actor & Entrepreneurship
  • Safe space to speak up and share your voice- thoughts
  • Tech in theatre • tech in fashion
  • How to be trustworthy & Character building
  • Approach for directing on set
  • The importance of showing up on time 
  • Producers outlook on hiring for the actor - talent being booked
  • Facebook • reputation & How people treat one another
  • The importance of social media and how to use it as a positive tool and function
  • How to protect yourself from other people
  • Social responsibilities & Trusting relationships
  • The ego is the death of all art 🖼
  • Emotional reactions and posting on social media
  • Mental health and social media
  • Understanding your feelings
  • The birth and process of making Carcerem the Series
  • How to empower yourself as a talent
  • The cast of Carcerem the series

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