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Breonna Taylor Justice Will Be Served The Emmys & the Social Dilemma

September 22, 2020

First Day of Autumn New single release today!  Breonna Taylor Justice Will Be Served with healing frequencies in collaboration with Subtle Energy 639 Hz - 639 Hz fosters forgiveness, peace, and love in the relationships as well as stimulates the higher heart chakra. 639 Hz re-connects and rebalances your relationships.  The Social Dilemma, the Emmys, this episode is dedicated to Breonna Taylor and her mother Tanika Palmer.

Art Credits: Breonna Taylor’s mother @tamikalpalmer, Neon Pink CAJ. @newyorkermag  @carolitajohnson, Mural by @winkart501 via littlerock_streetcult, Opinion illustration by Lyne Lucien/Getty @thedailybeast via @iamsophianelson

Music by The Sophisticated Psychos in collaboration with Subtle Energy 

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One step at a time, let’s DO THIS….Drop a comment, what steps are you going to take today, right now to forgive someone?  Write in the comments below what you feel on this important topic?  

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