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Best Selling Author Doctor John Jaquish

May 25, 2021

Inventor of the most effective bone density building medical device, which has reversed osteoporosis for thousands and created more powerful/fracture-resistant athletes, Doctor John Jaquish is now partnered with Tony Robbins and OsteoStrong for rapid clinic deployment. In the process of his medical research, he also quantified the variance between power capacities from weak to strong ranges in weight lifting, which brought him to his second invention, X3. The research indicates that this product builds muscle much faster than conventional lifting, and does so in less training time, all with the lowest risk of joint injury. Dr. Jaquish is a research professor at Rushmore University, speaks at scientific conferences all over the world, has been featured on many of the top health podcasts, is an editor of multiple medical journals, and is a nominee of the National Medal of Science.

I was very excited to have Doctor John Jaquish on the podcast! 

We chat about our favourite hotel King George in Athens, Greece, Mars, NASA, Tom Brady, Tony Robbins, Bone Health, Fitness, the Fitness Industry, Science and Psychological Health.  Honouring Doctor John’s dad who designed and built the Lunar Rover for NASA.

We dive deep with fitness, the fitness industry, and psychological health

We chat a little bit about the paper that Doctor John authored with NASA

Tony Robbins called Doctor John Jaquish and partnered up with him on OsteoStrong

We chat about West Point official college for The United States Military Academy 

-Materials and being aware of the environment

-Myths and Benefits of Fasting

-Discipline vs motivation

-Key principles to optimizing workouts/how to get a great workout on the go

-Optimizing nutrition - the body needs protein

-We talk about “fit shaming” and how people do it

-Astronauts and radiation issues

-X3 BAR and Bone Growth - Osteopenia

-Benefit of high impact without the risks of high impact sports athletics, damaging effects of anabolic drugs

-Plant-Based, High-quality proteins, the impossible burger is junk and not good for you.

-Carnivore diet - Glycogen _ Hyperplasia -

-Insight for the youth on education and being an entrepreneur


One of Doctor John’s favorite leaders Winston Churchill  ”You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks."


Connect more with Doctor John Jaquish

Pick up Doctor John’s book  Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time

Fortagen, Doctor John’s product


An insightful brilliant chat I am so glad you are tuning in!

If you are someone who needs bone support get to an OsteoStrong,

I am sending my mom!  It's very affordable and month to month.


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